Data Recovery Service from any storage platform

Your data is important to us, Great care is taken when recovering and handling your data to ensure that its integrity is maintained and that there is a clear audit trail through the entire data recovery process.

Your data is safe in our hands!

We offer a complete professional data recovery service for anyone who has lost data. Our customers are home users, small businesses, students and big corporations – if you’ve lost data, we can help!

We are one of the most advanced and experienced in data recovery. iCreation can assist you in anything from clicking laptop hard drives, peculiar sounding desktop hard drive's, totally dead external hard drive's, failed USB devices, memory cards and Exchange or RAID Server Recovery.

Three Spets to get your data back

  • Send in your media and one of our specialists will contact you ...
  • We send you a fixed price quotation & an online filelist ...
  • We get you your data back
We retain a copy of your data for seven days in case of query. Following this period, the data is securely erased.

Recovering Data from...

  • Failed Hard Drive?
  • External HDD Not Working?
  • Broken Laptop?
  • USB Drive Not Working?
  • CD/DVD Not Working?
  • Failed SSD Drive?
  • Deleted Important Files?
  • Faulty SD Card?
  • Mobile Recovery
You can be sure we have the facilities to recover your data!
No File No Paid, Receive a file list, report and fixed-fee quote before proceeding!

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